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With its complicated zoning laws and land development regulations, Jackson Hole can be a difficult place for developers—and with its natural beauty, it’s an expensive place to own and develop land too. Whether you’re a local or you’re new to the area, you need a real estate lawyer that’s not only skilled at what they do, but that also has firsthand knowledge of the community ethos. That’s what our attorneys bring to every transaction or dispute we work on.

Real estate law is a broad practice that encompasses many different areas:

  • Buying and selling a home or other property
  • Landlord-tenant law
  • Property taxes
  • Title and boundary issues
  • Financing and foreclosure
  • Homeowners’ associations
  • Construction law

Land use law is another area of real estate law that we specialize in at Mulligan Law Office. Land use focuses on how land is zoned—for residential, commercial, industrial, or mixed-use purposes. This type of law is particularly relevant to developers, who often grapple with trying to rezone land from one type to another. 

Our real estate attorneys have a keen understanding of local law and regulations, giving our clients an edge in any case. We represent homeowners, property management firms, contractors, and homeowners’ associations from Jackson and beyond in a wide range of real estate matters. 

Most often, land use and real estate law is transactional and handled outside the courtroom, but should a matter require litigation or arbitration, our lawyers are prepared to represent your interests and defend your rights.

When you work with a real estate attorney at Mulligan Law Office, you’ll receive personalized service, frequent communication from our staff, and an ally to guide you through your case.

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